By far the most recordings I have made are part of kollaborations (spelling intentional) on Kompoz. The site has been in existence since 2007, and I have been a member for more than 10 years. It is free to join. The basic idea is that members create projects, which can consist of anything from lyrics-only to full backing tracks with guide vocals, and everybody can then add their own parts, or even create their own downmixes. Here are some random observations about the site.

  • Members are from all over the world. Most are from the US but it is a thoroughly mixed bunch
  • It is half social/half music. There are probably a few hundred active members, ‘active’ meaning posting, commenting, or recording
  • The musical styles are varied but on average a little old-fashioned, reflecting the age of the users. There is a lot of pop and rock but not much chart material or techno. On the plus side, most tracks sound original in some way because they are played by real people as opposed to the canned loops most young hopefuls turn out nowadays (end of rant)
  • The community is very polite. Occasionally you come across some annoying people, as everywhere on the internet, but it is rare. Trolls who don’t contribute to projects don’t survive for long. Spam is close to non-existant
  • Although a few members are outstanding musicians the average user is most likely to be a keen amateur
  • Unfortunately a lot of good tracks are let down by the production. The song and the performances might be quality material but the finished product too often sounds like a jam or a demo tape. I think that is the main reason it is difficult to attract new talent to the site
  • There are no deadlines. It is my single biggest frustration with Kompoz. A lot of projects are abandoned because contributors, or the project owner, suddenly disappear. The only way to coordinate the workflow is through private communication. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t.

Below is a list of ten tracks I am particularly pleased with. With some self-aggrandizement I have divided them into two catagories, Hits and Adventurous.


These are the tracks that I believe have some mainstream appeal.

1. My Hope

Great track by Mark Alan Dooley. It is his song, he sings the lead vocals (the female background vocals are by a family friend) and plays all the instruments except the drums which are by me.

2. What Is The Future

The song and the lead vocals are by Sam Deckard. I did the drums and the mix, and also forced Kim to do the female vocals according to my wishes.

3. Alone With Or Without You

Here is an arty pop track by Sam Simonsail. I play drums, a doubled distorted guitar, and the reverberant single-note guitar in the verses (I was trying to get a sound similar to the one Dominic Miller uses on the Sting album Ten Summoner’s Tales).

4. I’ll Be Back Around

Here is a spin-off project by MulToR. It is fair to say my version is parallel, or even outside, the idea of the project. It was an ambitious job on my behalf. I play rhythm guitar, distorted guitar, fretless bass, and drums. More cowbell!

5. Forbidden Fruit

Excellent vocals by Kim, as always, and a very radio-friendly mix by Stoman.


What better word to use for tracks that very few people have the patience to listen to? Surely it beats experimental, weird, and unpopular.

1. Train Wreck

An intense track by one of the most original artists on Kompoz, Aaron West (then Tourist Zero, now zerosum). I added symphonic backing behind his voice, acoustic guitar, and frantic electric guitar.

2. Mean Street

Here is one of the few projects I have started. Everything is by me except the vocals which are by Elizabeth Thorn who have since left the site.

3. No Time For Love

A song by Jeanette, who has since left the site, and acoustic guitar by Mauro, one of the few true virtuosos on Kompoz. I play three guitars (jazz, strat, and classical), fretless bass, and the synth is triggered by the strat.

4. In The Moment

A soothing vocal track by Angie for Sing Me A Story, a site where musicians can create songs for drawings made by children in hospital.

5. Bats Of October

An excellent Halloween track. I did the drums only, and they are not a major part of the song.