Who I Am

Who I Am

The end of my summer holidays is approaching, and things are getting back to normal in Finland. When I return to work on Monday, I will be back in the office with my colleagues for the first time since the lockdown started. The pandemic has been handled well by the government, and by now the number of new covid cases per day is less than ten which corresponds to 1 in half a million.

Pete Townshend’s autobiography

My gym was closed for a few months in the late spring but it opened again around June 1st (masks have not been compulsory at any time so I have not had to do aerobic exercise while wearing one). Since then I have got through yet another great audiobook on the threadmill, Who I am by Pete Townshend. It is narrated by himself. As you might expect from his stage antics he was a bit of a wild guy in his young days. Nevertheless, he is both thoughtful and articulate, and he has a great sense of humour and irony as most Brits do. In addition, he is honest beyond what you can reasonably expect. If my life had been 5% as eventful as his, I would not have been brave enough to come clean about everything I had done, and why. He is open about persuing other women during his marriage (he even names them!), and he also details his problems with drinking. The book is packed with entertaining anecdotes, and his relationships with the other members of The Who are particularly interesting.

Pete Townshend’s professional life is very varied. He went to artschool when he was young and he is into books and theatre in a big way. He has a sort of poetic and spiritual outlook on life, and the ideas behind a lot of his music are profound, sometimes even far-fetched. As a musician he always made an effort to use the latest technology, and he started using synthesizers as soon as they became available.

Here I have to be honest and admit that I have never really listened to The Who or Pete Townshend so I am not qualified to pick out any specific recording of his. However, I have found a short clip by Rolling Stone that gives a good impression of what the audiobook is like. If you like the Rolling Stone clip, you will like audiobook.

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