Welcome to Music Matters Most(ly)!

I am an amateur musician who has spent 10,000+ hours practicing, playing, and recording music. I have an instructional website, m3guitar.com, about playing a guitar tuned in major thirds, and recently I have got into photography and 3D rendering with Blender. Professionally I am a software engineer with a Ph.D in Acoustics and Signal Processing (the gory details are described on my LinkedIn page), and my attempts at creative activity have never generated any significant income.

The purpose of this site…

is for me to have one place where I can write about anything I find interesting or that I feel strongly about. I am not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The content will be mixed, and I don’t expect many visitors. So if you read one of my blogs, go ahead, punk, and make my day by leaving a comment.

Be excellent to each other,

Ole Kirkeby